Gary & Crew At CM In Love With Polish Nationalist Father Jacek Międlar

“A forerunner of the Antichrist, with his troops gathered from several nations, will fight against the true Christ, the only Saviour of the world. He will shed much blood and will want to annihilate the worship of God to make himself be looked upon as a God. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)
Here is the CM article:
The CM article on the new mass saying Priest is only descriptive, does not add anything to the Nationalist event - neither condemns it nor approves of it.

But let it be known that I believe that this Polish Nationalist Priest is a danger to himself and others. He is not under the jurisdiction of any Bishop. The Priest belongs to the Congregation of the Mission, or the Vincentian Fathers. This Priest is the best candidate to be the false prophet to the forerunner of the antichrist,  and Gary Voris is the best candidate to be the forerunner to the Antichrist. Both men should see eye to eye.

That said, lets looks at the comments of Gary's followers on the actions of this Nationalistic Priest to what kind of manner the followers of Gary are, and see how well they are disposed to embrace Nationalism:

Max Wylde • 12 hours ago Maybe we should do something like that over here? Makes me want to be Polish!

Demmerson • 14 hours ago Michael Voris, you've GOT to get an interview with this priest, Fr. Miedlar! Or at least a Skype interview. It would be great to hear a good shepherd like this. Please?

andrew • a day ago From all the chaos will emerge priests like Father Coughlin, Ven. Fulton Sheen and men like this priest.

GreggorytheGreat • a day ago May God and Our Holy Mother bring more Brave Priests like this Brave Polish Priest to America.

Andy • a day ago Great video! Great priest! This is a shepherd ladies and gentlemen. We need more of these wearing purple and red.... And white.

mrgees • a day ago Being born in Poland and living there for most of my life (I live in NY for almost 20 years now) I am very much impressed myself. I was the only one kid in my elementary school class of 33 who was not attending catechism class. I was not attending because I was not baptised pagan who then grew up as a non militant atheist. Although I saw many same bad behavior as I could see all of the world but there was something else there too. Seeing huge and many groups of pilgrims collecting on the streets in the morning summer days to go to Czestochowa. Crosses at homes. Learning in government run schools about first known Polish anthem "Hail Mary". Even though I was not a Catholic, Catholicism was permeating whole Culture. As Protestants claim the the Bible is an inspired and inerrant Word of God, and they do not understand that they repeat those things because of the Catholic Church, same was with those who were against the Church while teaching way of life soaked with Catholic Truth. Only a few years ago I have learned that the King of Poland during "Swedish flood" offered the Crown of Poland to Mary because the Pope at that time told him that this was the proclaimed wish of Mother of God to become the Queen of Poland. I also learned that at the end of the year of Mercy, in 2016, Jesus is to be declared King of Poland. I truly wonder if the light promised by Christ to Saint Faustyna was saint John Paul II or renewal of militant catholicism as I saw in this video. To me, I am first and foremost a Catholic before calling myself Polish and American. I recognize, however, that Polish and Catholic somehow, despite many who will disagree with me, seem to be so connected that I would say almost inseparable. I no wonder now that both world wars made Poland their own "playground" killing the most amount of people of Polish decent. The faith remained in Poland through ONLY God's Grace, and through Mary's intercession. If not for that this country's faith would look like every other country ones. Thank you for your patience in reading this. God Bless you.

Demmerson mrgees • 14 hours ago You say in 2016 that Poland is declaring Christ the King of Poland-- what great news! But I tried to find sources for that. Could you kindly show me where I can find info on that?

Tomasz Modelski Demmerson • 3 hours ago Hi. Poland was baptised in 996 year - Polish ruler Mieszko The First has been baptised and became King of Catholic Poland . In 2016 we will celebrate 1050 anniversary of Baptism of Poland. In Poland there's among traditional catholics movement to fullfil Quas Primas, to proclaim Jesus as King of Poland and make Jesus will on all levels including nation law and so on. it's also conntected to private apparisions to Rozalia Celakówna from 1937 - the promise from Jezus that if Poland goverment & episcopate will enthrone Jesus as in Quas Primas - Poland will survive , if not - Poland will dissapear as many other nations in the future wars. Speaking shorlty and in general. But - but - the Polish episcopate is not strongly traditional, there is liberal majority ( those liberal majority it Vatican is seen as traditionals, hehe). They're sceptical about fullfiling Quas Primas. But Polish episcopate has agreeded to 'devote' Poland to Jesus The King it 2016 year. One of Polish sources is below. It's not identical to fullfiling Quas Primas, it's not so official, it doesn't touch the goverment level, it's in line with political correctness and Dignitatis Humanae :-( But it is important act. :-)

mrgees Demmerson • 5 hours ago Dear Demmerson. I will ask the nuns (the real ones) that run a convent here. They had told me that. I will let you know when I get the details through this or other comments if this is closed. I will also search in Polish myself when I have a moment. Merry Christmas.

Demmerson mrgees • a day ago God bless Catholic Poland. Until the United States converts to the one true Faith, we are lost. We need a Catholic Poland and a Catholic America. "Our goal is to make America Catholic", as Bishop Ireland said. Despite his terrible way of treating our Eastern Catholic brethren, we can all agree on that sentiment. Vatican II "leaves intact the traditional teaching... on societies' duties towards recognition of the one true Religion" to para-quote Dignitatis Humanae.

mrgees Demmerson • 17 hours ago Dear Demmerson - may this be done as soon as possible. May we become saints and God will do the rest. Blessings. 1 • Reply•Share › Avatar Carol Ann mrgees • a day ago Thank you for your heart felt words. They are wonderful and very informative to read them. God Bless you, Mrgees. Have a Wonderful Christmas!........ Wesołych Świąt! (hope the Polish is correct, google translate for Merry Christmas!)

mrgees Carol Ann • 17 hours ago Dear Carol Ann: thank you for your kind words! Thank you also for properly written wishes in Polish. As an interesting fact, this says "Joyful Holidays." Yet this is not PC talk. From what I remember, holidays in Poland were only Catholics, so no one has a problem to understand its sense. Since the same can be said with any Catholic feast, so people sometimes expand it by adding "Bożego Narodzenia" which in itself leaves no doubt what it is all about. It means "Joyful Holidays of God's Birth." :) Merry Christmas!

Carol Ann mrgees • 15 hours ago Wesołych Świąt! "Bożego Narodzenia" (Thank you for the explanation – greatly appreciated)

jobina mrgees • a day ago I had the very same thought (about the spark coming out of Poland) when I saw the video. King of Poland!! Love it. I wonder what modern-day Caesar is going to challenge that. Christianity was born from the last time His kingship was challenged!

Rex2000 • a day ago Love you Poland. Here you go saving Europe from Islam as it was in 1683 in Vienna.

Ewa Adamczyk Rex2000 • a day ago Thank You very much! ^_^

Gregory • a day ago God bless Poland. God bless this priest. God bless His Church. What an amazing speech. Very inspiring. Combat all the evil with all the love of Christ. Ave Maria.

Anthony Khoury • 2 days ago This is heroic Catholicism!

Philothea • 2 days ago Now there is one truly on fire with love for Christ and His Church and filled to the brim with zeal for the greater glory of God!!! God bless Poland!

Al • 2 days ago Sounds like the Polish understand their enemies, understand their heritage, and understand who they are and have understood how their choices or their weakness in these areas in the past almost destroyed them....sounds like "never again" where they are going and they are willing to defend it and show the world they mean business. Lots of strong Catholic men voices in there. Awesome

Charles • 2 days ago Deo gratias for subtitles! Wow - this looks like a proper Catholic 'army' ready & willing follow the priest's call-to-arms:- "We will fight with the sword of love and Truth which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ". No sign of lukewarmness here, folks! Here in England's "green & pleasant land" of Church-of-Nice-and-Anglicanism we can only dream about this sort of vibrant, committed, non-violent, demonstration & protest in defence of Christianity.

More Tea Vicar? • 2 days ago God bless Poland abundantly! Our Lady of Czestochowa, pray for Poland ... pray for Europe.

Josephine Harkay • 2 days ago Poland is more Catholic than Ireland, Italy or Spain. Living for 40+ years under communism could not change the nation's Catholic identity because their Catholic faith and their Polish national identity are inseparable.

Tomasz Modelski Josephine Harkay • a day ago 'I'm Polish leaving in Poland - Warsaw. It would be great to be like you wrote ' Catholic faith and their Polish national identity are inseparable', but reality is different. Communism was a great 'death hit' for polish morality, nationality, for church, .... . At 'the end of the day' catholicism in Poland has survivied, but much weaker. Mentality of large group of people - formarrly catholics - has changed.

Carol Ann Tomasz Modelski • a day ago Spoke with a twenty three year old man and his Polish family who left Poland for America in October this year. He said that the young people of Poland are “secularizing” because they want all the “things” they did not have under communism. During the communist era, the Polish people were united against the enemy of atheism and oppression. Everyone was Catholic and united. Now, he said sadly, Poland does not have the “enemy” to keep them united against one common enemy. And young people, who did not suffer as much as the older generations, do not understand the great value of the Catholic Faith - a force for unity and a spiritual benefit for all. He hoped that the very young would again return to Polish roots. He suggested that we read about Sister Faustina and her life of great spiritual devotion. Wesołych Świąt

Josephine Harkay Tomasz Modelski • a day ago But it still seems to be stronger than in the rest of the countries in Europe. I am Hungarian by birth and our two countries have always been friends. Catholics in Hungary were about 60%-65% of the population and they dominated society before WWII. Their faith has also been much weakened by the communist regime, but their devotion to Our Lady, who is also honored as Patroness of Hungary, has survived. Let's hope for the best! Kind regards to you!

Ewa Adamczyk Tomasz Modelski • a day ago i am not agree with you ;) maybe in Warsaw is so, cuz Warsaw is the biggest city in Poland - capital and there is many peoples (not only Poles). But in another cities in Poland and villages Catholicism is very strong :)

Carol Ann Ewa Adamczyk • a day ago So glad to hear the Catholic Faith is alive and well in Poland. Stay strong, stay Faithful and continue to lead the way for the rest of the world. God Bless you always. Wesołych Świąt

Bethie McCarthy • 2 days ago "We will fight with the sword of Love, the sword of Truth, the sword of the Gospel!" Would love to hear that in a U.S. Catholic homily!

mrgees • 2 days ago I am attending daily Holy Mass (in English) at a parish where there are two Polish priests. They also are reminding us that we come to the church to prepare for persecution.

12Maria34 mrgees • 2 days ago ... and I pray daily that may our Good Lord bless our bishops and priests with courage and fortitude when called to martyrdom ...

12Maria34 • 2 days ago When there are news of priests unfaithful to our Crucified Christ, I always remind myself of the few good ones. In Sodom and Gomorrah, the angel said to Lot that even with 5 good ones, God will not destroy. With few courageous, holy, and good priests and bishops, I know God will always be on our side. Our Lady will always crushed Satan under her feet.

Carol Ann • 2 days ago November rally is highly impressive (glad CM included video and article). Those priests don’t hold back. Polish priesthood and the Polish people suffered massive, deliberately conceived, destruction of everything they held Sacred. Churches destroyed, priests imprisoned, tortured population, and mass subjugation. They are fully aware of Who they serve, and what they are fighting for. Poland, as all of Europe, has been the site of mass extermination of Catholics, Christians, and innocents. But the oppressors could not kill the Spirit, as the Polish Catholics are amply showing to the world nowadays. They did not give up, and they did not give in, and they are a now force for good in the world. They preserved the Pearl of Great Price in their beloved homeland. For Jesus Christ…for God, for honor, for our homeland. Clearly they have the Eternal Principles in the correct order. God Bless the Polish Catholics, the Polish people, and all who know the correct order of all Creation. Converts to the True Faith is the proper way, not conversion to liberalism and secularization. Battle of Vienna culmination - Winged horsemen: note that the Polish, Germans, Austrians, and all were united, working together. Series of battles - victory for Christian civilization.

Ann Frost • 2 days ago God bless Poland.

JAS • 2 days ago I have never been more proud to be a Polish Catholic American. Where can we find a priest willing to do this (and the people to rally round him??

Diane • 2 days ago Thank God for the brave Polish people. They are truly Catholic!

orion • 2 days ago Wow. Holy zeal is amazing when you see the real thing.

Christian 12 Steps • 2 days ago The Polish people have always been the strongest and toughest people in the world. They can defeat ISIS and all the rest of the terror groups all by themselves. BTW, they didn't sound PC did they? No wimps in that video!

orion Christian 12 Steps • 2 days ago Maybe Poland was allowed to suffer under the Soviets to temper a people with steel in their souls when the world needs it most.

salesgirl orion • 2 days ago Poland suffered twice - first the Nazi occupation then the Soviets. Meet the new boss same as the old boss. No thanks to FDR throwing Eastern Europe under Uncle Joe's bus. It's still appalling all these years later that the fate of these countries was decided with NO input from their people.

More Tea Vicar? salesgirl • 2 days ago You can add Tzarist Russia - the nation of Poland practically disappeared off the map under them.

Auggie • 2 days ago Polish Catholics have always been among the greatest of Catholics.

plc53 • 2 days ago Now there's a type of Catholic "youth event" that we could be proud to see in our nations. The spirit of Jan Sobieski lives well in today's Polish Catholics. That spirit may be the only hope that Europe has to survive now. It is obviously alive and strong in Poland. Would that it start a fire across Europe, even among the sad-sack German, Dutch, French, Belgian, and UK, where true Catholicism has all but disappeared. We might all revisit the history of 1683 and the siege of Vienna. Had it not been for the courage and faith of Sobieski's army, Europe surely would have been overrun by the invading enemy.

Rob99 plc53 • 2 days ago I agree with you. I am proud of Polish catholics.

harveydude • 2 days ago Why was it OK to take up arms in the 16th century against invading Muslims who wanted to force a country to abandon its Christian heritage (Battle of Lepanto), but not in the 21st century? Just asking...

Josephine Harkay harveydude • 2 days ago Because then they came to conquer with fire and sword, now they come to conquer peacefully by building mosques, one at a time.

salesgirl Josephine Harkay • 2 days ago Peacefully eh?

Christian 12 Steps harveydude • 2 days ago hey, maybe good ole Poland will lead the charge, our president won't

plc53 harveydude • 2 days ago We are being willingly duped. 4,000 ISIS jihadis slipped into the mix with the refugees. And counting. And once in, their numbers grow. And our children say, seriously, "I guess we will have to get used to living with the constant threat of terrorism being a daily part of our lives now." And we in our pride and selfishness think of ourselves as "good providers" and "stewards" of God's gifts? Oh yes, we are certainly selling our future generations into slavery. But never mind, there's good times to be had. We will live "the good life", oblivious to the cost for our descendants.

Christian 12 Steps plc53 • 2 days ago you are a very wise person. well said.


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