Will Letter Writer Gary & Crew Send Letters To Neighboring Muslims Telling Them To Convert To The One True Faith?

Will Gary Write A Letter To The Muslims?

Hey do you remember when Gary told Catholics who were upset with the Pope to send the Pope a letter instead of going public on a blog? Do you remember that gem?

Well here is the video:

Yea....Gary actually made bold statement that writing a letter to the Pope is a very very holy endeavor? He even makes all his Cruise ship retreat participants write a letter to the pope in the video.

Gary ignores and hides the fact that Pope Francis is a Manifest Heretic. Gary also attacks those who say publicly that Pope Francis is a Heretic. Gary is defending the wicked actions of a wicked Pope. This makes Gary an partaker of the heresies of Pope Francis - this makes Gary a Heretic.

Gary's solution is to write letters to the Pope. No one knows what is in those letters but what's the difference between a blog post and a private letter? especially if the private letter is just as harsh as a blog post?

But I bet Gary never said any thing to the Pope that would be considered a harsh condemnation of the popes errors.

With a blog post every one can see what you think of a pope -with a private letter no one will know what you wrote, or even if you sent it.

So here is the latest from the defender of Heresy

This lady was sentenced for writing a letter to her Muslim neighbors.

Will Letter Writer Gary send a private letter to neighboring Mosques telling the Muslims to convert to the one true faith?

Will that letter be made public?

Or will Gary just say he sent a letter of conversion to his Muslim Neighbors?


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