Praise ye Him According To The Multitude Of His Greatness

I Gave Thee The Water Of Salvation From The Rock To Drink: And Thou Hast Given Me Gall And Vinegar

The Right Hand Of The Lord Hath Wrought Strength. The Right Hand Of The Lord Hath Exulted Me: I Shall Not Die, But Live: And Shall Declare The Works Of The Lord

As He Spoke To Our Fathers, To Abraham And To His Seed For Ever


Blessed Be The Lord My God, Who Teacheth My Hands To Fight, And My Fingers To War ~ Ash Wednesday 2014

Now Hillary Clinton Is The Antichrist! Montana House Candidate & Former Navy Seal Ryan Zinke Calls Clinton The Antichrist!

Political Philosophy Of The Forerunner To The Antichrist - Where Will He Get His Ideas? From Mr. Mencius Moldbug! On The Subject Of Building A New Ideology

Muslim Hoax Claim That Jew ' Cyclops Antichrist' لمسيح الدجّال‎ Born In Israel

Merry Christmas!

Antichrist Obama Kills The Health Director Who Approved The Release Of His Birth Certificate