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Saturninus And Basilides Were Disciples Of Menander

Ebion In The Consecration Of The Eucharist He Used Nothing But Water In The Chalice

Quantum Computers| SINGULARITY

Cerinthus Was The Next After Menander Who Denied That God Was The Creator Of The World

Quantum computers are communication Devices

So...What is Black Goo?

Tech·no·logical T R A N C E

FSSP RAD TRAD INFLUENCER Dr. Taylor Marshall Encouraging Followers To Riot When Bad Bishop Is Appointed By Pope Francis....

Forerunner To The Antichrist To Acquire All Of Taliban's $10 Billion In Weapons Seized From The US Military For His Nationalist Army.

Bishop Schneider: COVID Rules May Be ‘A Kind Of Prefiguration’ Of The Mark Of The Beast