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Bad Sign When Lightning Strikes St Peter's As Benedict Resigns! But A Good Sign When Thunder Claps As Michael Voris Speaks On Satan Worship.

You Must Fornicate In Order To Make Demons Leave You In Peace? Why Is Mike Voris Of Spreading This Lie?

Gary Vois & Church Militant Crew Have All Gone Insane! "We Will Not Be Silent About The Horrors Of Corruption In Their Varied Forms"

TFP Now Belongs In The Camp Of Gary - The Forerunner To The Antichrist!! Building A Mailing List Of Potential Gary Fans Through Petition To Pope Francis!


Gary Voris & Church Militant.Com To Present Petition To Pope Francis But These Same Men Will One Day Present Bullets & Arrows To The Fatima Pope

Gary The Forerunner To The Antichrist Attacks The Existence Of The SSPX! Gary's Hatred For The SSPX Knows No Bounds....He Will Shed Much Blood

Just A Heads Up On Gary The Forerunner To The Antichrist.......

Pope Francis Makes Fool Out Of Michael Voris, Christine Niles & The Gang Church Militant.Com: Pope Francis Says He Was Not Offended By The Hammer & Sickle Crucifix!

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf Lover The Ballot Box Takes A Swipe At IMPERIALISM! LOL!

Dave's Not Here.......

My Blood For Him......There Is Only Gary....Its All For You Gary........

Who Belongs In The Camp Of Gary? Vox Cantoris - Dave Domet

Division In The Camp Of Gary? Fr Z Bitch Slaps Dave Domet Of Vox Cantoris Over Bolivia Paper Bag Incident! Can't Fight His Way Out Of A Wet Paper Bag! LOL!!

LOL! ITS A SET UP! Church Militant.Com Claims That Leftist Leader Sets Up Pope With Cameras Ready, Pope Francis Was Given Blasphemous Communist Propaganda As A "Gift"

Ann Barnhardt Accusing Gary Michael Voris & CHURCH MILITANT.COM Of Siding With The Antichrist? ANN "It Is Now Appropriate To Begin Serious Discussions As To Whether Pope Francis Is, In Fact, The Antichrist"

If Cardinal Dolan Becomes Pope Will Michael Voris Retract All His Harsh Words Against The Cardinal & Will Voris No Longer Criticize Dolan As Pope? LOL!!!

Church Still Refuses To Call Pope Francis A HERETIC!

Some Are Starting To Ask: What Exactly Is Gary Michael Voris Advocating? A Catholic Theocracy? A "Benevolent Dictatorship Or Catholic Monarch"

Michael Voris: What Bishops Have Wrought.....But Not The Pope!!!

A Huge, Purifying Persecution Is On Its Way! Michael Voris & Crew Headed For Fatima's Steep Mountain.....