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RAD TRAD Mockingbird Media Movement: Dr. Taylor Marshall + John-Henry Westen Of LifeSite News + Steve Skojec Of One Peter Five + Maike Hickson + Timothy Gordon + Michael Matt Of Remnant Newspaper.....

WOW! What a bunch of frauds:

Louie Verrecchio coined the term Mockingbird Media Movement:

Dr. Taylor Marshall revealed in a March 27 interview with Alexander Tschugguel, the young Austrian man who removed the pagan idols from the church and threw them into the Tiber, his role in the story for the first time. Marshall not only helped plan the purge, but he provided funds to see it accomplished (see comments beginning at 106:41 here).
Transcript below:
Marshall: Everyone knows you as the guy who threw the Pachamama idols in the river and we, we thank you again for doing that, that was a great, a great moment of a victory and joy. [Nota Bene: At this point in the interview, Marshall’s stuttering mention of the Pachamama drowning comes out of left field; it’s well out of context with the banter that preceded it.]
Tschugguel: Isn’t now the time to, to tell people a little bit about, about how we were in contact?
Marshall: [With sheepish grin appearing even as Tschugguel is speaking] I gu…

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