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NASA Doesn't Want Roman Catholics To Make The Sign Of The Cross: PULSE A Pendant To Warn You When You Touch Your Face

I guess NASA doesn't want Catholics to make the sign of the cross.
Neither does the Antichrist.
And he shall make all, both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen, to have a character in their right hand, or on their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man: and the number of him is six hundred sixty-six. Apoc. 13.16 17
The sign of the cross is a weapon for the Christians, it is the conqueror of death, it sows hop in the faithful, give light to the meek, deposes heresy, and the symbol of an Orthodox faith and salvation of the Church. St. Ephrem the Syrian
According to Saint Ephrem, Antichrist maketh choice, of the forehead, and the right hand, to prevent the place and instrument of making the sign of CHRIST, meaning the Cross.  Fr.Henry Fitzsimon 1611
“Beloved, we ne…

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