Saturday, May 22, 2021

FSSP Taylor Marshall Attacking The Real Presence In The Blessed Sacrament


✅1. The Antichrist shall deny that Jesus is Christ, and for that cause shall impugn all the ordinances of Our Savior, as Baptism, Confirmation, & c. and shall teach that Circumcision is not yet cease, nor the Sabbath, and the other ceremonies of the Law. I.Joan.2. Who is a liar, but he that denieth Jesus to be Christ? And this is Antichrist, who denieth the Father and the Son? 

2. Afterward when he hath persuaded that Our Saviour is not the true Christ, then he will affirm, that he himself is the true Christ, promised in the Law, and the Prophets. Joan.5. If any come in his own name, him you will receive. viz. for the Messias. 

3. He will affirm that he is God, and will be worshiped for God.2. Thess.2. so that he sit in the Temple of God, showing himself as though he were God. 

✅4. He will not only say that he is God, but also that he is the only God, and he will impugn all other Gods, that is, as well the true God, as also the false Gods, and all Idols, 2 Thess.2. Who extolleth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshiped as God. And Dan.11. And he will not repute the God of his Fathers, nor care for any o the Gods. because he will rise against all. 

The Forerunner to the Antichrist Baron Alexander Von Tschugguel has impugned the Pagan Pachamama Idol  See #4.

The Forerunner to the Antichrist Baron Alexander Von Tschugguel will one day impugn Jesus Christ in the Sacraments. See #1.

FSSP Taylor Marshall is the False Prophet to the Forerunner to the Antichrist FSSP Baron Alexander Von Tschugguel. Marshall is leading the attack on the Sacraments of the Church.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Are You Starting To Notice That FSSP Rad Trad Influencers Are Attacking 'Rad Trads'...But They Will NEVER Attack The FSSP! LOL! That's Why I Call Them 'FSSP' Rad Trad Influencers!

Note - you are not allowed to say my name. Nor are you allowed to reference my work on my blogs. I am he who must not be named and must not be mentioned by any FSSP Latin Mass nut job. I am the nameless one ... LOL!

I started something back about 8 years ago on the Traditionalist Blogosphere when I starting to attack Rad Trads. 

I was the only Rad Trad doing this.

Well it seems it's hip nowadays to attack Rad Trads.

All Hip Rad Trad Influencers are attacking Rad Trads.

It's a thing

Steve Skojec does it now:

Dr Taylor Marshall does it now:

Anything Hip Rad Trad Influencers don't like they will call it 'Rad Trad'

Don't believe me that I started the trend of attacking Rad Trads?

Here is what is next.

For the last 3 years or so I have qualified Rad Trads with FSSP as in FSSP Rad Trads.


All of the top twenty Rad Trad Influencers attend the FSSP Latin Mass, and have declared war on the SSPX.


I bet you that none of these FSSP Rad Trad Influencers will ever said anything against the FSSP.


Because they are all  sick fucks.  Every last one of them.


No. When you consider that these sick demented fucks will one day with the help of the FSSP murder the Fatima Pope and Faithful on top a steep mountain as Our Lady said at La Salette and Fatima.

So here is what's going to happen:

1. Pope will shut down the FSSP (because of bizarre news events coming out of the FSSP)
2. FSSP and Laity will take revenge on the Clergy.
3. FSSP Baron Alexander von Tschugguel will lead the FSSP Laity and create a Nationalist Army.
4. FSSP will create their own Church (similar to the Old Catholics - only more sinister)
5. FSSP will wage war on the Church and kill many.
6. FSSP sect will murder the Fatima Pope and faithful on top a steep mountain (as foretold by Our Lady at La Salette and Fatima) 

Oh and please if any of you find fault with this - please by all means leave a comment. I won't delete like the FSSP shits do,

Friday, May 14, 2021

FSSP Product James O'Keefe & Project Veritas And Ex-Spy Said To Have Plotted To Discredit Trump ‘Enemies’ In Government Using Whores Prostitutes And Call Girls...

Why Do Some Catholics Give the Appearance of Being A Jew? 
 James O'Keefe

Tribe of Dan.

Church Fathers say that the Antichrist will be born a Jew. And the Antichrist will be  from the Tribe of Dan

Church Fathers also said that the Antichrist will gain a Kingdom by fraud and deceit.

By fraud and deceit? What does this mean?

My added take to the Church Fathers is that since all kingdoms at the time of the birth of the Antichrist will be Roman Catholic because of the Great Monarch - the kingdom that the Antichrist will gain by fraud and deceit will be a Roman Catholic Kingdom.

How does the Antichrist gain a Roman Catholic Kingdom by fraud and deceit?

Well the Jew Antichrist converts to the Roman Catholic Faith.

After the Jew Antichrist gains a Roman Catholic Kingdom by fraud and deceit he will revert back to Judaism, and then he will start his war on the Roman Catholic Church.

You're welcome..... 

So what does this have to do with  James O'Keefe?

I have notice over the years men who look and behave like Jews but are not Jews, but Catholics or Protestants.

Why is this?

Why do some Catholic men give the appearance that they are Jewish?

I think it has to do with the Tribe of Dan. 

All these Catholic men or Protestant men who look and act like Jews but are not really Jews are in fact from the Tribe of Dan.

The Tribe of Dan have all converted to the Protestant Faith or Catholic Faith over these last 500 years or so. 

Most heretics have Jewish features and these men are probably from the Tribe of Dan.

James O'Keefe is one of these men.

So that's my take on why some Heretics or Roman Catholic look act and behave as if they were Jewish - they are from the Tribe of Dan.

James O'Keefe is a protect of the FSSP.

As I said before the FSSP is going to be shut down by the Pope and the FSSP will from their own Church as Our Lady of La Salette warned about.

The FSSP is also in the Camp of the Forerunner of the Antichrist. 

James O'Keefe is losing it. There are cracks and it is starting to show......Here is the latest.....

Activists and ex-spy said to have plotted to discredit Trump ‘enemies’ in government

WASHINGTON >> A network of conservative activists, aided by a British former spy, mounted a campaign during the Trump administration to discredit perceived enemies of President Donald Trump inside the government, according to documents and people involved in the operations. The campaign included a planned sting operation against Trump’s national security adviser at the time, H.R. McMaster, and secret surveillance operations against FBI employees, aimed at exposing anti-Trump sentiment in the bureau’s ranks. The operations against the FBI, run by the conservative group Project Veritas, were conducted from a large home in the Georgetown section of Washington that rented for $10,000 per month. Female undercover operatives arranged dates with the FBI employees with the aim of secretly recording them making disparaging comments about Trump. The campaign shows the obsession that some of Trump’s allies had about a shadowy “deep state” trying to blunt his agenda — and the lengths that some were willing to go to try to purge the government of those believed to be disloyal to the president. Central to the effort, according to interviews, was Richard Seddon, a former undercover British spy who was recruited in 2016 by security contractor Erik Prince to train Project Veritas operatives to infiltrate trade unions, Democratic congressional campaigns and other targets. He ran field operations for Project Veritas until mid-2018. Last year, The New York Times reported that Seddon ran an expansive effort to gain access to the unions and campaigns and led a hiring effort that nearly tripled the number of the group’s operatives, according to interviews and deposition testimony. He trained operatives at the Prince family ranch in Wyoming. The efforts to target American officials show how a campaign once focused on exposing outside organizations slowly morphed into an operation to ferret out Trump’s perceived enemies in the government’s ranks. Source

If you investigative reporters want to take down James O'Keefe, then I suggest you look into the FSSP especially its founder...There is a lot to find.....


Saturday, May 8, 2021

How To Easily Identify The Forerunner To The Antichrist (A Product Of The FSSP) Using The Message Of Our Lady Of La Salette

“A forerunner of the Antichrist, with his troops gathered from several nations, will fight against the true Christ, the only Saviour of the world. He will shed much blood and will want to annihilate the worship of God to make himself be looked upon as a God. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)

There will be a forerunner to the Antichrist - our Lady said so. (see above)

Q. When will the world witness this manifestation of the Forerunner to the Antichrist?

Mélanie tells us when the manifestation of the Antichrist will occur

"I didn't see, I don't see any Great Pope or Great Monarch before an extremely great tribulation, horrifying, terrible and general for all Christendom. But before that time, twice there will be a short lived peace; TWO shaky, servile, doubtful popes" Mélanie

A: 1. After The Two Popes Are Dead
    2.  During An Extremely Great Tribulation

Q. How long will this Extremely Great Tribulation last?

God will abandon mankind to itself and will send punishments which will follow one after the other for more than thirty-five years. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)

A. 35 Years.

So according to Our Lady of La Salette the Church will be persecuted by a Forerunner to the Antichrist and this persecution should start shortly after the Two Pope are dead.

Mélanie prophesied that there will be "TWO shaky, servile, doubtful popes" This prophecy was fulfilled with Benedict and Francis.
Once these Two popes are dead then the world will witness the beginning of the 35 years of Chastisements.

This is the timeline.

1. Two Popes
2. Death of Two Popes
3. 35 Years Of Chastisements.

Q. So where does the Forerunner to the Antichrist fit in this timeline and why?

A. Mélanie said that the world will not witness any Great Pope or Great Monarch before an extremely great tribulation, horrifying, terrible and general for all Christendom. But before that time, twice there will be a short lived peace; TWO shaky, servile, doubtful popes.

Meaning that during this 35 years worth of Chastisements there will be no Great Pope or Great Monarch.

Do you understand this?

For 35 years after the death of the Two Popes there will be no restoration of the Church at all. The Church will suffer for 35 Years after the death of the Two Popes. 

During this 35 years worth of Chastisements and persecution of the Church the Forerunner to the Antichrist will appear. 

So this is how to spot the Forerunner to the Antichrist - he will manifest himself during the 35 years worth of chastisements that begin after the death of the Two Popes.

Any man who comes forward as a  temporal leader to save the Church after the death of the Two Popes IS THE FORERUNNER TO THE ANTICHRIST.

Do you understand?

Any man who enters on the world stage to save mankind after the death of the Two Popes IS THE FORERUNNER TO THE ANTICHRIST.

This can't be stressed enough.

Divine Providence has given us the signs in what to look for in the manifestation of the Antichrist.


Now what may happen is that the man will not come forward on his own account, but will have many deluded Catholics demanding that this man become their king.

FSSP Ann Barnhardt (the witch) is pushing this Elected Monarchy. 

See the Forerunner to the Antichrist is so "humble" to declare himself a king but will be dragged kicking and screaming to the throne, because it's the will of the people to make the Forerunner to the Antichrist their king. 

This is the game plan of the FSSP and its adherdants like Ann Barnhardt - 

If you’re really serious about dumping the heresy of Americanism and having adult thoughts and discourse about the path forward governmentally, let me recommend looking at one of the most stable republics in human history, overthrown only by Freemasons relatively recently: the Venetian Republic. It lasted from ARSH 697 until ARSH 1797. ELEVEN HUNDRED YEARS. Think about that. I recommend reading Norwich’s “A History of Venice”. They had what, to my mind, seems to be the best system of governance: an ELECTED MONARCHY. The Venetian monarch was called “the Doge”, or Duke in modern English. No hereditary nonsense. No imbeciles or degenerate perverts inheriting power just because they happened to be the firstborn son. It’s the perfect combination of meritocracy with the stability of a monarch. And, let us not forget, the Vicariate of Christ was instituted by Our Lord Himself as … an elected absolute monarchy. Quite an endorsement, no? It’s been staring us in the face all along. Source

The political movement will be Nationalist and will morph into an Elected Monarchy all done to keep the appearance of a humble Forerunner to the Antichrist.

This is the funny part - the True Great Monarch can sit and wait for Thirty FIve Years before his reign to begin.

The Forerunner to the Antichrist CAN NOT WAIT for Thirty FIve Years before his reign to begin.

You will see the Forerunner to the Antichrist first before you see the Great Monarch......

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

FSSP Rad Trad Influencer Taylor Marshall Urges FSSP Chapels To Have Armed Security During Sunday Mass


OK here we go again.

Dr. Marshall is calling for FSSP laymen to carry guns during Sunday Mass in his latest video on the desecration of Catholic Churches and Statues.

One thing I noticed is that Marshall now includes Priests Nuns and Religious in his list of persecuted.

If you recall in his earlier video Dr. Marshall said that those who desecrate Catholic Churches are coming for the lay people next. Dr. Taylor Marshall left out the Priests Nuns and Religious. I thought this was strange for Dr Marshall to leave out the Priests Nuns and Religious as potential victims of persecution and I called him out on it in one of my blog posts and he must of read it because now he included Priests Nuns and Religious as potential targets in the persecution  in his latest video.

Guns do not belong on your person during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It's probably a mortal sin.

The only ones carrying weapons during the Crucifixion were the Romans.

If you carry a firearm to Mass it goes to show you that you really don't understand that you are present at the Crucifixion during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 

It goes to show you that you are not standing with the Blessed Mother and St. John but are standing with the Romans and the Jews.

Regardless - this is what is going to happen. Several FSSP laymen will come to Mass heavily armed and during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass a gun will accidently discharge and the heavily armed laymen will draw their weapons thinking that they are under attack and they will start shooting indiscriminately killing several - a stampede will then ensue causing the death of several.  And this all takes place during the HOLY SACRIFICE of the MASS.

And you FSSP idiots will have murdered close to 50 souls during the HOLY SACRIFICE of the MASS.

A word of advice - if you wicked souls really feel the need to bring a gun to Mass to protect those present - then please stand outside and guard the church. Don't bring your guns inside during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Strapping a gun to your fat belly is not devotion.
Something is very wrong with the FSSP.

I bet you anything  that Dr Marshall already carries several firearms on his person during the Mass.

Forerunner To he Antichrist & His False Prophet
Both Products Of The FSSP