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Gary The Forerunner To The Antichrist Claims Apostolate Consecrated To Our Lady Of Fatima & Yet Forces His Subjects To Believe That The Consecration Of Russia Has Been Done!

Gary The Forerunner To The Antichrist Takes Sides With Muslims! IS GARY FUNDED BY MUSLIMS?

Merry Christmas!

Video: October Speech Of Polish Nationalist Priest Fr. Jacek Międlar - Seams He Has The Same Shtick

Gary & Crew At CM In Love With Polish Nationalist Father Jacek Międlar

Polish Nationalist Father Jacek Międlar Is The False Prophet To The Forerunner Of The Antichrist?

Poland Rises Against Islam - Fr.Miedlar addresses the March For Independence, 11 Nov 2015 (Eng subs)

Gary Voris The Forerunner To The Antichrist Was Spiritual Abused By A Priest

Complete Article On Why Intern "Smiles and Hugs" Left The Cult of Gary

Will Letter Writer Gary & Crew Send Letters To Neighboring Muslims Telling Them To Convert To The One True Faith?

Gary & Church Militant Crew Declare War On Muslims Turned Evangelicals? Or Just Blowing Smoke?

LOL! Gary & Crew Says: ISLAM — COMING TO YOUR TOWN SOON!......

Merry Christmas America! From Little Drummer Boy To Little Muslim Stabber Girl!!!!!


Ha! Muslims & Protestant Unite! Ex-Muslims Koosha Las Vegas Raid Our Lady of Las Vegas Catholic Church During Mass! EX-MUSLIM Threatens TO SMASH STATUE OF MARY!

Christine Niles Of Bravely Writes About NJ Mosque But Will Niles Pray The Rosary In Front Of One Of The Many Mosques In Her Neighborhood?

I Prayed The Little Office Of The Blessed Virgin Mary In Front of A Mosque Today On The Feast Of The Immaculate Conception

Gary Voris Finally Talks About MUSLIMS On MIC"D UP - But It's For Premium Subscribers ONLY!

Fr Faber Condemns Gary Voris Of Church Militant: Where There Is No Hatred For Heresy There Is No Holiness

Gary Airbrush???

Did Gary & Crew Wake Up This Morning To The Muslim Call Of Prayer In HAMTRAMCK, MI???? Church Militant Compound Slated To Move Elsewhere!

How Come Gary Voris Doesn't Convert Muslims? There Are Over 15 Mosques Within 8 Mile Radius Of Church Militant Studios In Ferndale MI!!

Gary Voris & Churchmilitant Studios Are Only 8 Miles From MUSLIM Majority City Hamtramck, MI