Sunday, July 12, 2015

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf Lover The Ballot Box Takes A Swipe At IMPERIALISM! LOL!

You Want Fries With Dat?
I was ready to believe that, since the Holy Father had vested for Mass in – I’m not making this up – a Burger King (ironic symbol of Americanist imperialism and consumerism which promotes the eradication of the rain forest for the sake of corporate beef). Fr. John Zuhlsdorf 
Americanist imperialism?


I thought that the USA was a democracy? And I bet that Burger King Corporation considers that USA to be a Democracy. 

Oh...yeah when you demented voters don't like what you voted for - you blame IMPERIALISM!! 


Grow up already Fr. Z and acknowledge that Imperialism has nothing to do with democracy that gave birth to the USA.

It's democracy thats at fault you ballot casting fool!

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