Saturday, July 11, 2015

Division In The Camp Of Gary? Fr Z Bitch Slaps Dave Domet Of Vox Cantoris Over Bolivia Paper Bag Incident! Can't Fight His Way Out Of A Wet Paper Bag! LOL!!

First the scandalized Francis fence sitter Vox:

Yet, the worst of all?

The Most Blessed Sacrament distributed by laymen from paper bags.

Well, at least the bags were white.

Paper bag ciboria here, plastic cups at WYD in Brazil.

These people have no faith.

They are deceived or bloody evil.

Get right or get out!

That was Dave. Here is Fr. Z's rebuttal

Posted on 10 July 2015 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf 

For the most part, in recent times I have tuned out from the papal mega-Masses. However, I saw a report that at the mega-Mass in Bolivia, Holy Communion was distributed from paper bags.

I was ready to believe that, since the Holy Father had vested for Mass in – I’m not making this up – a Burger King (ironic symbol of Americanist imperialism and consumerism which promotes the eradication of the rain forest for the sake of corporate beef).

However, when I areviewed the video of the Mass, I found that they weren’t paper bags after all. Watching the video, more carefully, the Blessed Sacrament was in some sort of bowl which was wrapped or covered with what looked like a cloth – perhaps paper – bag.

You can see clearly, if you are patient, that there is a container within the white material, with a rounded edge.

So, let’s not say that Holy Communion was distributed from paper bags, as if there were only paper bags, like pop corn.

Don’t get me wrong. Do I like what they did? No. You might not want to watch the video of the distribution of Communion. It was appalling. These mega-Masses with Communion for all have to stop.


That ends Fr Z's correct observation.

Yeah....Fr Z. is relieved and Vox is a fool...

Looks like a division in the Camp of Gary......

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