A TREATISE OF ANTICHRIST: Where Is Declared That Antichrist Shall Be One Single Man


Where is declared that Antichrist shall be one single man.

This is proved by the holy scriptures & fathers, which treat of Antichrist. John 5.43 I am come in the name of my father, and ye have not received me, if another come in his own name, him ye will receive.

Now that these words are understood of one single person, which shall be Antichrist, St Chrysostom and St. Cyril do testify. Who write upon this place, also St. Ambrose upon the 2.to the Thess.2. verse and St. Augustine in his 29 treatise upon St. John.

Moreover Christ opposite here unto himself another man (that is to say) person to person, not kingdom to kingdom, neither sect to sect, as is manifestly clear by these words; I, another, in my name, in his name, me, him; Therefore as Christ was one single man, so likewise Antichrist shall be one single man, which is against Calvin in his commentaries upon this place, which understandeth it of false prophets in general, and not of any one certain person.

Also Christ saith here that Antichrist shall be received by the Jews for their Messias, and it is most evident that they do expect one certain person.

Also all the false prophets, did come in the name of another, and not in their own. Jeremy the 14. chap.14.verse. The prophet prophesy falsely in my name. I did not send them But our lord speaketh here of a certain man, which shall come in his own name (to wit) who shall not acknowledge any God, but shall extoll himself (as seethe the Apostle) above all that is called God.

BY M. Andrew Cryghton 
Scottish Priest 


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