Saturday, June 26, 2021

Will The Pachamama Slayer Alexander Tschugguel Put An End To The Pagan Practice Of Sacrificing Livestock On Top Of An Active Indonesian Volcano?

What's more Pagan?
  • Wooden Idol?
  • Throwing Chickens and Goats into an Active Volcano to appease the Pagan Gods?
Probably too much effort for the Pachama slayer to interfere with restless natives on top a steep mountain.....

Perhaps some day the Pachamama slayer will find himself on top another Steep Mountain to do some killing there......

Thousands climb Indonesian volcano for ritual sacrifice

Thousands of worshippers trudged up an active Indonesian volcano Saturday to cast livestock and other offerings down its smouldering crater in a centuries-old religious ceremony. Every year people from the Tengger tribe gather from the surrounding highlands to throw fruit, vegetables, flowers and even livestock such as goats and chickens into Mount Bromo's crater as part of the Yadnya Kasada festival. A long line of worshippers, some with goats slung across their backs, made their way to the top in the hopes of pleasing ancestors and Hindu gods -- and bringing prosperity to their communities. "Today I brought a chicken for the ancestors," said Purwanto, who like many Indonesians goes by one name, as he showed off his colourful hen. Another worshipper, Wantoko, carried his own crops in the hopes that casting them into the volcano would bring good luck. "I brought these crops so that my fields will be fertile and I have a good harvest," he said. "I come here every year." Standing on the crater's steep slopes, other villagers -- who are not members of the Tengger tribe -- try to catch the offerings using nets and sarongs before they disappear into the billowing smoke. This is not technically part of the ritual but reflects local frugal urges not to waste the offerings. Saturday's ritual marked the second Yadnya Kasada festival since the Covid-19 pandemic hit Indonesia. "It can't be held in another place or be done virtually," said Bambang Suprapto, head of the area's Hindu community association. Source

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