Gary Voris & Followers Reject Pope Francis' View On Muslim Immigrants?

Hmmm. Merkel and Pope Francis Orchestrated the whole Muslim invasion of Europe, this is a fact verified by the words and actions of Pope Francis and Merkel. To deny this fact is ridiculous, kinda of like denying that Pope Francis is a Heretic.

But Voris has a problem  - Voris refuses to call Pope Francis a Heretic regardless of the evidence to the contrary. 

Based on this one action of Voris, it tells you that Voris, is himself a Heretic, no matter that Voris may embrace 98% of Catholic Faith. Defending a Heretic make on a Heretic - evil too.

So it is a susprise that Voris is climbing on the Anti-Muslim bandwagon. How can Voris reconcile his anti-Muslim view with that of Pope Francis Pro-Muslim stance?

Either Voris is wrong on Muslims or Pope Francis is wrong on Muslims. Which is it?

Which one will fold first and go over to the other side?

Will Pope Francis become a premium subscriber and view Gary's Vortex on Islam and take Gary's side? No. this is not gonna happen. Voris has to cave in and become pro-Muslim. 

There is no way around this. Voris can't blame evil Vatican officials for the Muslim invasion of Europe.  The Pope is to blame - the Pope instigated this whole mess.

Voris can't blame Benedict.

So Voris has to shut up on the Muslim Invasion - or face criticism that Voris is attacking the Pope, which means that Voris might as well go after everything the Pope is doing or not doing. 

But I don't see that happening.

So Voris will tone it down a bit and will not cover the Muslim Rape of Europe. Voris will be forced to ignore the Muslim Invasion.

I will post whatever Voris puts on display regarding Islam and Muslim just to see how Voris and his followers tow the Pope Francis line on Islam.
The above 700 word post did mention the word MUSLIM one time but never mentioned the word ISLAM. It did mention the word IMMIGRANT one time -So I guess the word is out that Voris does not want any of his writers to mention MUSLIM or ISLAM. Voris wants a sanitised post. Because Voris does not want to leave the Pope's side.

On the other hand many of Gary's followers use the Muslim & Islam often in their comments.

So there is a disconnect between Gary & his followers - Gary is gonna have to crack some heads.

And it shows you that Gary's followers are still very much influenced by normal sources outside of Gary's channel.


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