Gary The Forerunner To The Antichrist Is The Great Monarch? Gary Has All The Physical Characteristics Of The Great Monarch Mentioned In Prophecy.......

Handsome man?
Light brown curly hair?
Eagle nose?
VirginieJanuary 2, 2016 at 10:25 PM I just came across your article. You are so sadly misinformed that I hardly know where to begin correcting you. I will comment on only one thing here, there will be a Great Monarch, whether you like the idea of monarchy or not. Hundreds of Catholic saints have said so and gone into great detail about it. Even Our Lady has mentioned him in some of her approved apparitions. The most perfect form of government is a holy Catholic king. There will be one who rises to rule with a great Holy Pope. We haven't seen that for about a humdred years, say since St. Pius X. That being said, Mr. Gajewski is most certainly NOT the Great Monarch and does not fulfill the least of the requirements. He is a not a handsome man with light brown curly hair and an eagle nose. And nowhere was it said that he would have a ministry to ladies of the evening, as Gajewski appears to have. He will most certainly be closely tied in with royalty, most probably the rightful heir to one or more thrones in Europe and of the House of Bourbon. The most likely candidate at present is His Royal Highness, Prince Sixtus Henri de Bourbon, who is the rightful heir of the French and Spanish thrones. He is getting older now but fulfills all of the many precisions given by the saints down to the "limp afoot" from an accident back in the 80's in which he broke his collar bone and hip. He always limps now. Anyway, the important thing is to say the daily Rosary and wear the Brown Scapular. If we are faithful, God will help us. Also, do not listen to Gajewski about the SSPX. There are many fine priests there. Seek them out and convert to the Catholic Faith. Time is short.on THIS IS WHY MONARCHY IS DANGEROUS! TradCatKnight (Eric Gajewski) Claims To Be The Great Catholic Monarch! LOL! 


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