Saturday, April 9, 2016

Bizarre Rants Of 2X Married Dave Domet (Vox Cantoris) On Amoris Laetitia: "How About A Catholic Who Has Deserted Their Legitimate Spouse To Fornicate In An Adulterous Relationship With Another?

Dave was married to his first wife for how many years? before he decided to get the marriage annulled in his own words:
One more thing; My wife and I, my wife and I married during a solemn nuptial mass. We have been publicly accused on an insipid and dyspeptic blog of adultery. The person that has done this is known to me and has engaged in harassment for four years but never to this extent. Unfortunately, while the blog has few people reading it intentionally, it ends up on search engines and feeds where this slander can become widespread. Further, the Church's canonical procedure of annulments has been held in disrepute by these two people. It is a heresy to deny the power of Peter to "bind and loose" and to "deny and loose" as these have done. I have previously spoken with my "brother" and have taken "two" to counsel him. I have now "taken it to the Church" to his Pastor and two other Toronto priests. While I have ignored it in the past, this I can no longer ignore.
Then Dave writes this today:
What are these "irregular" situations that the Bergoglio would not mention? No courage to mention them specifically? How about two Catholics "shacking up"? How about a Catholic engaging in same-sex behaviour? How about a Catholic who has deserted their legitimate spouse to fornicate in an adulterous relationship with another? What about a chronic masturbator? If these people do not know that it is mortal sin, whose fault is that? What mitigation is there in these examples. Perhaps depression might lead to suicide, this might be a mitigating factor and the person is entrusted to God's mercy. 

First Dave says when defending his annulment from his first marriage:
It is a heresy to deny the power of Peter to "bind and loose" 
Then 2X married layman Dave says this about Pope Francis' AL #301:
Jorge Bergoglio has lied. Yes, he has lied. There is mortal sin. It will kill your soul. Mortal Sin deprives the soul of "sanctifying grace."To believe otherwise is foolish. If this lie is promoted in parishes it will lead people into greater sin and lead them into Hell. Yes, that is how serious this paragraph is. Who will denounce it? What Prelate will have the courage to call out the Pope? It will be known in history as the Bergoglian Heresy.
So when it comes to Dave's first marriage Peter has the power to "bind and loose" and annul his marriage, even though many claim that the current annulment process is a great abuse, and Dave took advantage of the current laxity in the annulment process, and Dave was in the wrong to annul his first marriage, but when Pope Francis continues along the same lax lines and allows more leeway for others, Dave has a fit.

If its wrong for Pope Francis to be lax today then it was wrong for the Church to be lax when Dave got what he wanted.

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