Saturday, October 5, 2019

Voris Flirting With Barnhardtism? Francis Is The Anti-Pope!

A Bunch Of Laymen With NO Authority....

Voris is being punished for his life of Sodomy....(remember Voris NEVER did penance for his Sodomy before going out on his own to charge money for his preaching of the Catholic Faith)

This makes Ann Happy:

We’re bringing you these series of reports to help you better understand the stakes. There are whispers and quiet chatter all over Rome just days before the controversial Amazon Synod kicks off that the conclave which elected Pope Francis might have been invalid; a very close second to the talk of an invalid conclave is that Francis may have committed heresy. (…) All of these things, and much more, have started a lot of private conversations in and around Rome, as well as other parts of the Church, explicitly asking the question: Is Francis really the true pope? So, quiet dinner conversations are punctuated with topics about whether the conclave that elected him was actually valid. Source

LOL! What will these laymen do when Benedict dies...

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