Sunday, August 8, 2021

FSSP DOOM! Sweaty & Drunk Tucker Carlson With Forerunner To Antichrist & Two Blondes! Where's Tschugguel's Wife?

"A forerunner of the Antichrist, with his troops drawn from many nations, will wage war against the true Christ, sole Savior of the world; he will shed much blood and will seek to annihilate the cult of God so as to be regarded as a god." Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)

Antichrist's left arm in Luca Signorelli's painting of the Antichrist gives the impression that the left arm belongs to the Antichrist but really the left arm belongs to Satan.

The left arm in the Tweet above belongs to the Forerunner to the Antichrist Baron Alexander von Tschugguel but it looks like the left arm belongs to overreaching Tucker......


Church Fathers say that the Antichrist will:

1. Be born of the Tribe of Dan
2. Raised Jewish
3. Convert to the Catholic Faith (my understanding)
4. Gain a (Catholic) kingdom by fraud and deceit
5. Revert back to Judaism once he has gained his (Catholic) kingdom by fraud and deceit   
6. etc....

The forerunner to the Antichrist will ape the actual Antichrist as much as possible.

This means that in order for the forerunner to gain a kingdom he must do it with fraud and deceit. This is the reason that the forerunner to the Antichrist will be a convert to the Catholic Faith - so that he can gain a kingdom by fraud and deceit.

What kind of kingdom?

Elected Monarchy.  

FSSP Ann Barnhardt is trying to influence the FSSP to embrace the idea of Elected Monarchy.  

This is the game plan of the FSSP and its adherdants like Ann Barnhardt - to restore the idea of a Venetian Republic:

The Great Awakening
If you’re really serious about dumping the heresy of Americanism and having adult thoughts and discourse about the path forward governmentally, let me recommend looking at one of the most stable republics in human history, overthrown only by Freemasons relatively recently: the Venetian Republic. It lasted from ARSH 697 until ARSH 1797. ELEVEN HUNDRED YEARS. Think about that. I recommend reading Norwich’s “A History of Venice”. They had what, to my mind, seems to be the best system of governance: an ELECTED MONARCHY. The Venetian monarch was called “the Doge”, or Duke in modern English. No hereditary nonsense. No imbeciles or degenerate perverts inheriting power just because they happened to be the firstborn son. It’s the perfect combination of meritocracy with the stability of a monarch. And, let us not forget, the Vicariate of Christ was instituted by Our Lord Himself as … an elected absolute monarchy. Quite an endorsement, no? It’s been staring us in the face all along. Source

I do believe that Baron Alexander von Tschugguel is the forerunner to the Antichrist...

And he will one day be elected by a majority as their King.

Baron Alexander von Tschugguel 

The Forerunner to the Antichrist will follow the Actual Antichrist in these four doctrines of the Antichrist as set down by St Robert Bellarmine:  


1. The Antichrist shall deny that Jesus is Christ, and for that cause shall impugn all the ordinances of Our Savior, as Baptism, Confirmation, & c. and shall teach that Circumcision is not yet ceases , nor the Sabbath, and the other ceremonies of the Law. I.Joan.2. Who is a liar, but he that denieth Jesus to be Christ? And this is Antichrist, who denieth the Father and the Son? 

2. Afterward when he hath persuaded that Our Saviour is not the true Christ, then he will affirm, that he himself is the true Christ, promised in the Law, and the Prophets. Joan.5. If any come in his own name, him you will receive. viz. for the Messias. 

3. He will affirm that he is God, and will be worshiped for God.2. Thess.2. so that he sit in the Temple of God, showing himself as though he were God. 

4. He will not only say that he is God, but also that he is the only God, and he will impugn all other Gods, that is, as well the true God, as also the false Gods, and all Idols, 2 Thess.2. Who extolleth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshiped as God. And Dan.11. And he will not repute the God of his Fathers, nor care for any o the Gods. because he will rise against all. St Robert Bellarmine

The Forerunner to the Antichrist Baron Alexander von Tschugguel has already started with point #4. Impugning all other Gods by destroying the Pachamama Idol. The Forerunner to the Antichrist  should continue to do the same to other idols until he dies.

Recently he impugned the Sacrament of Confirmation with Tweeting a mockery of the Bishops slap during Confirmation with a photo of Macron being slapped.

Granted it may seem like all fun and no harm at all. But if Baron Alexander von Tschugguel is the Forerunner to the Antichrist (and I believe he is) then this "little fun" is an affront to God.

So far the Forerunner to the Antichrist Baron Alexander von Tschugguel has committed two of Bellarmine's four heads of Antichrist Doctrine:

#4. Impugning all other Gods: Destroying the Pachamama Pagan Idol 

#1. Impugning the Ordinances of Our Savior, as Confirmation: Mocking the Bishop's Slap during Confirmation.


  1. Why do you think you have the right to make public statements that impugn this man's reputation? Is this not sinful? Even mortally so? What gives you the authority to proclaim this man the forerunner of anti-christ?

    1. Calling POPE Francis the Antichrist is OK with you?

      Calling POPE Francis the Forerunner to the Antichrist is OK with you?

      Calling POPE Francis the False Prophet to the Antichrist is OK with you?

      Calling POPE Francis the False Prophet to the Forerunner to the Antichrist is OK with you?


      Is this not sinful? Even mortally so? What gives you the authority to proclaim POPE Francis the forerunner of anti-christ?

      You better respond. You POS

    2. You didn't answer the questions. You responded to me as if you know me, and you insinuate that I do the above. What agency you work for?

    3. Will you submit your blog to a holy priest please? If you don't stop this, I hope you are censured officially.

    4. Name calling is what children do when they get mad at another. Are you an adolescent or teenager? I hope that you stop. Please seek private help.

  2. Listen here missy by all means tell your priest about my other blog St Thomas Aquinas Versus NASA

    I dare you.

    Then explain to me why you and the majority of Catholics ignore the Catholic Doctrine of where Demons reside and why you have no problem flying in the habitat of demons.....

  3. Hey! do you believe in the Catholic Doctrine and Dogma that there will be an ANTICHRIST at the end of days?

    Tell me if Faithful Roman Catholics at the end of days are allowed to identity the ANTICHRIST by name?

    If yes - then why can I not identity his forerunner by name?

  4. "What agency you work for?"

    I'm retired.

    I'm now working on a special project.

  5. Reputation (as Property)

    It is certain that a man is indefeasibly the owner of what he has been able to produce by his own labour out of his own material, employing his own resources. In much the same way his reputation, which is the outcome of his meritorious activity, is his property. To despoil him of this without adequate cause is to be guilty of formal injustice more or less grievous according to the harm done. It is a personal injury, a violation of commutative justice burdening the perpetrator with the obligation of restitution. Indeed St. Thomas, in attempting to measure the comparative malice of the sin of detraction, decides that whilst it is less than homicide or adultery it is greater than theft. This, because amongst all our external possessions a good name holds the primacy. Nor does it do to say that by wrongdoing, of whatever sort, a man forfeits such esteem as he may have hitherto won from his fellows. This statement is not true, not, at any rate, without qualification. If a man's sin is such as to affront the social organization itself, or is committed publicly, then his fair fame is destroyed and can no longer be reckoned among his assets. In this instance discussion of the evil deed implies no defamation. No damage can be wrought to what does not exist. We assume, of course, that reputation is the opinion held by many about a person's life and behaviour. If, however, a man has been guilty of some secret offence having nothing specially to do with society the case is far different. Then, barring the supposition in which it is necessary for the public welfare, our own, or another's defence, or even the culprit's good, we are not allowed to make known what is to his discredit. This teaching, as d'Annibale says, is quite certain; the reason for it is not so easy to assign. Perhaps it may be this: Character is a public thing. Such a one therefore is in peaceful possession of the esteem of the community. Granted that this is founded upon error or ignorance as to the actual conditions, still the isolated knowledge of one or other as to the real state of affairs confers no right to take from him the general favourable appreciation which he, as a matter of fact, enjoys. One who has injured another's reputation is bound to rehabilitate his victim as far as possible. If the statement was calumnious it must be retracted. If it was true, then some expedient or other must ordinarily be found to undo the harm. If as a result of the backbiting or slander there has followed, for example, the loss of money or position, this must be made good. It is probable that for the besmirching of reputation, as such, one is not obliged to make pecuniary compensation. This is so unless a judge of competent jurisdiction has so mulcted the traducer. In that case, the tale-bearer or slanderer is bound in conscience to obey the judicial direction.


    1. Joe Delaney is an Attorney At Law

      Are your threatening me? you POS

      Answer the question - are Catholics allowed to identify BY NAME the actual Antichrist when he is manifested to the world?

      Yes or No?

      If yes then are are Catholics allowed to identify BY NAME the FORERUNNER to the Antichrist when he is manifested to the world?

      Answer you POS.

      Oh as for you being "unknown" - I already know the threats made by Baron Alexander von Tschugguel against those who dare question his motives.