Saturday, September 10, 2022

Forerunner To The Antichrist Alexander Tschugguel Pays A Visit To Washington DC As DC Hit With A DELUGE.....

Here’s how extreme the D.C.-area rainstorm was Wednesday night Around 3 inches fell in an hour in some locations

The deluge in the D.C. area Wednesday night flooded roads and triggered traffic gridlock, with high water levels even stranding motorists — some needing rescue — and entering homes and businesses. Many areas saw an extreme of between 1 and 3 inches of rain in an hour. The most exceptional rainfall reports concentrated in the zone around Bladensburg and New Carrollton in Prince George’s County, where about 3 inches poured down in an hour. That hourly rainfall has a return interval of around 100 years, according to National Weather Service data. In other words, that amount of rain has a 1 percent chance of happening in that area any given year. Another way to think about it is that such a 100-year rainstorm has a slightly greater than 1-in-4 chance of occurring within the term of a 30-year mortgage. The concept of a thousand-year rainstorm is legitimate but limited. Here’s what you should understand about it. It’s not a coincidence that there were multiple reports of flooding in the zone where these extreme rainfall rates occurred. Source

 I wonder if the Forerunner to the Antichrist was in town on or near the 11th?

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