Saturday, February 6, 2016

Michael Voris' Very Own Back Yard: Tempers Flare Over Loud Islamic Prayers In 'Muslimville, USA' WHY VORIS REFUSES TO CONVERT MUSLIMS IN HIS BACKYARD?

17 min (8.1 mi) via I-75 S

Hey from crazy protestant evangelicals at WND:
Tempers flare over loud Islamic prayers in 'Muslimville, USA'
Residents of Hamtramck, Michigan – the area dubbed “Muslimville, USA,” by one newspaper after its population shifted from 90 percent Polish to mostly Muslim – complained at their most recent city council meeting the community center’s blasted calls to prayer were simply too loud. Four of the six council members are Muslim, as WND reported. WND Read More>>>>>>
As if Protestant Evangelicals are ready to do battle with Islam! LOL!  If anything Evangelicals copy Muslims - where do you think speaking in tongues and flaying on the ground came from? One of the first fools to speak in tongues and flaying about on the ground was Mad Muhammad.

So Evangelicals are not gonna wage war on the ones who are the author of their 'religious experiences'

So who's gonna conquer the Muslims? Roman Catholics will.

How about Gary in Ferndale?

Gary's studio is located:
2840 Hilton Road Ferndale, MI 48220
And just a 17 minute ride to the south is a haven of Muslims that need conversion.

Will Gary take a trip to  Muslimville, USA to convert the Muslims?

I challenge famed Catholic apologist Gary and crew to take a trip and save some souls.


Gary is a fraud. Gary won't go.

Gary is the forerunner to the Antichrist and will make Muslims his friends. Gary and Muslim friends will one day murder the Fatima Pope.

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