Friday, May 20, 2016

WTF? Self Confessed Sodomite Michael Voris Still Looking For A Few Good Men! Announcing The Launch Of Our 2016–17 PAUSE Program

Happy anniversary!

It's been one month since Gary publicly admitted to his past Sodomite lifestyle. Gary hid his homo life from everyone, until last month. Gary claims that the New York Archdiocese was going public with Gary's ugly and perverted past, and therefore Gary decided to come forward first before the dirt was flung on the Internet about his sordid past
Still Sodomy, is Sodomy, and for a man to engage in that perversion from his early teens through his forties and suddenly quick cold turkey and start preaching the Catholic faith is a little suspect. The question on everyone's mind is - should Gary be allowed around young men/boys?
The answer is NO.
But Gary doesn't care.
Here, Gary announces today:
Looking For A Few Good Men!
Announcing the launch of our 2016–17 PAUSE program The PAUSE program is quickly becoming an integral part of our existence here at Church Militant and St. Michael's Media. In fact, through smart use of resources and learning some lessons from our first year, we are now able to expand the number of young men from this current year's total of four to six for the same financial cost. Read More>>>>>
Is Gary the Forerunner to the Antichrist? How could he not be?

Things should get pretty strange at the warehouse in Detroit.

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