Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Gary Voris & Church Militant Paving Way For The Murder Of Filipino Bishops...

I will destroy the Church and the present status of so many priests and what they are doing. You priests, bishops, you condemn me and suggest I withdraw, but then I will start to open my mouth. There are so many secrets that we kept as children. Do not force (me to speak) because this religion is not so sacred. Duterte
Who has declared a war on Bishops?
Gary Michael Voris
Granted it is a war of words, for now, but some wicked men will act on those words of Voris and put to death many Bishops, Priests and religious in the Philippines.
Voris will try to distance himself from his harsh verbal criticism of Bishops, once the physical assaults against the Bishops begin.
Wicked Voris is playing both sides of the coin.
Condemns the Bishops with words, but when the killing starts, Voris will now be the defender of the Bishops?

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