Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gary Mike Voris Blames The Church For Dialoguing With The World! Voris Refuses To Blame The Dialoguing Pope Francis!!

Spongebob Square Pants & Gary

Did you know that Michael Voris' real first name is Gary? Well it is.

There is no Saint Gary.

Latest from the forerunner to the Antichrist Gary Mike Voris: THE VORTEX—SHUT UP ALREADY
A great naïveté swept over the Church some centuries ago and remains today. GMV
What? for 200 years or more? Where does Gary Voris get that the church has been dialoguing with the world for the last 200 years?

Gary's Vortex is about dialogue, Gary mentions the word Dialogue nineteen times! Gary does not utter the name Francis once. not once. Voris ignores the dialoguing Pope Francis. Why? Why does Gary continue to lay the blame on the one responsible for the current crisis - Pope Francis?

This should make one shudder in horror knowing that a man who has thousands of followers on the internet is hiding the sinful destructive activity of a mad man.

Of course the brainwashed followers of Gary will point to the covering of Noah by his sons. This of course is an abuse of scripture. There is a big difference between holy Noah and wicked Pope Francis. To compare Pope Francis with Noah is wicked in itself.

Who would've thought that the forerunner to the Antichrist would have the first name of GARY


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