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What Do Sedevacantists & Michael Voris Have In Common? Sedevacantists & Michael Voris Will Not Engage In Public Criticism Of The Pope! But Will Attack Bishops!

 Birds of a Feather....

What do Sedevacantists & Michael Voris have in common?

They will never criticize the Pope! Never!

All Sedevacantists hold the papacy in such high esteem that they will never ever utter one bad word about the pope - NEVER!

You could say that Sedevacantists love the papacy so much that its almost tantamount to worship.

Think about this - All Sedevacantists believe that the popes can not err or commit sin in matters of faith. For if a pope were to sin in matters of faith then that would prove that that "pope" was not a pope.

This is why Sedevacantists will never mock, ridicule or criticize any Pope prior to John XXIII.

According to Sedevacantists the last sinless, immaculate and stainless pope was Pius XII.

But you say that Sedevacantists are the worst ever in mocking and ridiculing the popes! True! But they only mock and ridicule the last six popes - John XXIII, Paul XI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI & Francis. According to Sedevacantists these men all sin in matters of faith and therefore were not Catholics and therefore were not popes!

You see when a man becomes pope he is blessed with supper powers that keep him from committing any error or any sins! According to Sedevacantists Popes are the first Supermen!  Sedevacantists would even go so far to say that once a man is elected pope he never, ever has to go to confession because that man is protected from on high never to sin or cause any scandal to any one! NEVER!

But according to Sedevacantists it is clear that John XXIII, Paul XI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI & Francis caused scandals in matters of faith and morals and therefore were not popes!

So according to  Sedevacantists it's OK to mock, ridicule John XXIII, Paul XI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI & Francis because they are not popes and are nothing but bishops! And bishops are fair game!

A pope is pure and immaculate never stained by sin of any kind, not stained by in sin in thought, word or deed! Not stained by mortal sins or even venial sins!

According to Sedevacantists one can say that the men once that they are elected pope are like Blessed Virgin Mother in the womb of St Anne - Immaculate & free from the stain of original sin. The Popes are protected in the womb of the Church - nothing can hurt them! And the popes in the womb of the Church can do no harm!

What to say about Voris' take on the Pope....he, like the Sedevacantists dare not attack the pope. Sedevacantists & Voris both believe that the pope is incapable of committing sin in thought word or deed and both Voris & Sedevacantists believe that popes can not cause any scandal to anyone EVER!

No, Voris will not attack Pope Francis but he will go after Bishops.

Where is all this going? Its going the way of Sedevacantistm!

Voris will go the way of Sedevacantism soon enough - when the antic of Francis become too much to bear. When it becomes so blatantly obvious that Pope Francis is a heretic, Voris will have to say something, even to the point of criticizing Pope Francis, Voris will have to take the road of Sedevacantists and declare that Pope Francis is not a true pope and he is nothing but a bishop and according to the reasoning of Voris Francis must be attacked! Because Francis is nothing but a bishop.

So two the camps of Sedevacantists & Voris both place the papacy on a pedestal, which will soon be knocked over.

Originally Published 22 Mar. 2014

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