Sunday, March 13, 2016

Gary & Crew At Church Militant Are Outraged That An Archbishop Wants A Mosque Built Half A World Away But There Are Half A Dozen Mosques In Gary's Backyard!

17 min (8.1 mi) via I-75 S

Hamtramck, Michigan is Muslimville USA. The Muslim village is roughly 8 miles south of Church Militant Studios. Only 17 minutes away.

As was pointed out before about the frauds over at Gary's compound, they will huff and puff over Islam and Muslims, but these blowhards will never enter into a Mosques during Friday prayers to preach the Gospel and evangelize as they claim to do on the Internet.

Gary claims to be an evangelist for Christ. But refuses to convert the Muslims in his very own bark yard.

Gary & crew complain about what a bishop is doing half a world away, but Gary & crew ignore what what is in their very own backyard.

Here is their outrage:


Please...if you guys are so upset that a mosque is being built half a world away why don't you start by converting your next door neighbors?

I've already stood outside a local Mosque by myself and prayed the little office of the Blessed Virgin Mary. If I can do this then Gary and crew can do like wise & then some.

Again, I challenge Gary & crew and all of Gary's followers to travel 8 miles south of their facilities and evangelize the Muslims.

If you fail to do so soon - you are nothing but frauds.

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