Thursday, March 17, 2016

Gary, Vox & Crew At Church Militant Drove Sodomite Priest Father Virgilio Elizondo To Suicide?

Dave & His Father
Murders of Sodomite Priests

Do Catholic blogging laymen have any authority to rid the Church of Homo's? 


They can only blog.
Catholic priest and respected professor shoots himself dead after being accused of molesting a boy more than 30 years ago

A respected priest and theologian accused of molesting a boy more than 30 years ago has killed himself at his home in Texas. Father Virgilio Elizondo, 80, a Roman Catholic priest and professor at the University of Notre Dame, was found dead inside his San Antonio home on Monday at around 2.05pm, police said. Elizondo died after suffering a single self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head and his cause of death has been listed as suicide, the Bexar County Medical Examiner confirmed to 
However a priest can read the uncharitable comments on the blogs of these keyboard warriors and get in a state that leads to suicide.

Did Father Virgilio Elizondo read the blogs of Vox & Voris and lose all hope of salvation? 

Did Father Virgilio Elizondo commit suicide because of the attacks made by laymen Vox & Gary?

Looks like Gary & Vox have that intent in mind - making Sodomite Priest to give up all hope & kill themselves:

Hey Sodomy is a horrible sin, but still can be forgiven, Gary & Vox treat sodomy as an unforgivable sin to be dealt with only by suicide.

Gary & Vox will take this too far.

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