Wednesday, March 16, 2016

UPDATE: CARDINAL DOLAN RUN OUT OF TOWN? Gary & Crew Over At Church Militant Breaking It Open! Will Dolan Celebrate St Patrick's Day Parade??

Weekly update to see the power of Gary & Crew in toppling Cardinal Dolan.
Do not think that this is only in New York. As a friend said to me after viewing this, "all we need to do is change the names!" No, it it is not only in New York. Seriously, this video and the others that will surely follow, are going to send shock waves around every chancery. It is time for people who know something to come forward. If the bishops won't deal with this filth, then it is up to us. If you know something and do not work to stop it, you are complicit. Read More>>>>>>>
No. Cardinal looks to celebrate NYC St. Patrick's day parade. 

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