Saturday, July 27, 2013

Demonically Inspired & Evangelical Nutcases Bob Powell & Gilberton Pa Police Chief Mark Kessler Calls For Obama The Antichrist To Be Removed From Office! Assassination Anyone?

"I don't trust my government" - Mark Kessler

In this video LEO Mark Kessler calls the President of the United States:

son of bitch
sack of garbage
piece of shit

Bob Powell is a "christian" his goal to remove the Antichrist from the office of the President of the United States of America.
"I got to fight a tyrannical government something I never thought that I would have to do.And it pisses me off! and I'm glad I got people like you on my side because brother you got some balls on you, you really do.

"A tyranny is descending upon this country Satanic tyranny the way I read the bible, Satan by way of the Antichrist will exercise dominion over the whole earth

"Jesus Christ said go buy yourself a sword cause you gonna need it!

"Its a tyrannical government and they are way out of control" - Bob Powell
Evangelical nuts mistakenly believe that the Antichrist reigns for seven years.

Evangelical nuts believe that Obama is the Antichrist.

Obama was elected in 2008. Obama the Antichrist is to reign for seven years.

Seven years from 2008 is 2015.

Obama is elected for a second term.

Obama second term ends in 2016.

So how does the seven year reign of Obama end in 2015 when Obama was elected for a second term ending in 2016?

We will soon see either the protestant evangelical doctrine on the seven year reign of the Antichrist is a lie or the evangelicals will try to for a self fulfilling prophecy by removing Obama the Antichrist from office within the seven year time frame.


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