Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pope Francis Is The Antichrist! Conspiracy Protestant Nut Warns Against New World Order!

Protestant Allen Lamont claims that the greatest reformation is coming. Also claims that the Vatican is the seat of Antichrist. Not Rome, but the Vatican is the seat of the Antichrist.

His website:The Jesuit Vatican New World Order

While he was watching a streaming video of Pope Francis saying Mass Allen Lamont claims that:
"The Spirit of the Lord came on me the Holy Spirit came on me"

"I don't have this experience often I think I had it five times in my life"

"The fire of God came all over me form top of my head went right through me like liquid fire burned right through my whole body and for like 2 minutes I was absolutely  just on fire

"God spoke into my heart and spirit and said  this "The Antichrist is rising"
And so on....chances are that when this man was watching the new mass he was paid a visit by a demon or two and they stayed and took up residence rent free. From what I understand the two demons are looking for other demonic roommates to help cover the free rent.

So this video of his is the fruit of watching the new mass said by Pope Francis. This is what poor soul came away with after viewing the new mass.

Allen Lamont sounds like a Scot - he might of been drunk when watching the new mass, he then sobered up and made a video telling the world of his spiritual experience. Mixing booze and watching the new mass makes for a bad combination.

This video is warning of sorts against embracing conspiracy views. This video is the bad and rotten fruit of placing trust in demented conspiracy theories, which unfortunately many Traditionally minded Roman Catholic engage in - placing trust in conspiracy theories. I would think that one of the gifts of the Holy Ghost - Discerning of spirits would know just how much credence can be given to the plethora of conspiracy theories that are out there - considering how many Trads fall for such views - maybe there is no one who has the gift of discernment in Trad circles - or maybe most Trads just don't listen.

This is a 15 minute video please do not watch it all - thank God Martin Luther and the other protestant heretics back in the day didn't have a youtube account.

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