Thursday, September 20, 2018

LAYMAN Chris Ferrara CALLS For POPE FRANCIS To Be DEPOSED Through An Imperfect Council Made Up Of LAY FAITHFUL Convoked By Matteo Salvini Deputy Prime Minister of Italy...WHAT?

See what happens when there is no Roman Emperor to Rule:

When the throne of Augustus is vacant, the whole world goes out of course, the helmsman and rowers slumber in the ship of Peter, and unhappy Italy, forsaken and abandoned to private control, and bereft of all public guidance, is tossed with such buffeting of winds and waves as no words can describe, nay as even the Italians in their woe can scarce measure with their tears. Wherefore let all who in mad presumption have risen up against this most manifest will of God, now grow pale at the thought of the judgement of the stern Judge, which is nigh at hand, if so be the sword of Him who saith, 'Vengeance is mine', be not fallen out of heaven. Dante

Another Rad Trad who does not know his place - Nationalist Chris Ferrara - is calling for an  Imperfect Council.

He's a LAYMAN and LAYMEN have no authority to call for a Church Council.

Only a Holy Roman Emperor can convoke a Council to depose a Pope.

But first things first!

In order to depose the Pope we first need a Roman Emperor to Rule.

Then and only then can the Roman Emperor convoke a Council to depose the Pope

But can you imagine a Nationalist Rad Trad like Chris Ferrara working for the Restoration of the Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor by calling for an Imperial Election?

No of course not. 

Ferrara loves modern democracy too much.

Nationalist Ferrara will never call for the Seven Imperial Electors to get together and cast a ballot for the next Holy Roman Emperor.

Nationalist Ferrara even references Synod of Sutri, near Rome, in 1046, and Nationalist Ferrara admits that the Synod was convoked by a KING who later became ROMAN EMPEROR:

The Synod was convoked by Henry III, the German king and soon-to-be-crowned Holy Roman Emperor, a pious and austere Christian and an exponent of the Cluniac spirit of reform. Source

But the problem with deposing Pope Francis is that there is no Temporal Authority (Roman Emperor) to convoke a Synod.

Maybe Chris Ferrara will petition Matteo Salvini Deputy Prime Minister of Italy, begging him to convoke a Synod to deposed Pope Francis and as a reward  Salvini can be crowned Roman Emperor!


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