Monday, January 31, 2022

Prophetic Painting Of Michael Voris With Mike Parrott On His Shoulder?

Painting is over ten years old.

1. Michael Voris 
2. Parrot - Mike Parott of RTF Fame
3. Monkey - Monkey Pox?
4. Not sure but me thinks that's Ann Barnhardt behind his back.....wearing a wedding gown? What? 
5. Sage Owl or Dove?

So its confirmed unfortunately that Mike Parrott is now part of Gary's life. Is Monkey Pox too far behind? Marriage to Ann Barnhardt!

Is that an Owl swooping in for the kill? representing a Sage? 

SAGE OWL: Owl, the symbol of death or rebirth in our culture. The carrier of something important.

Did Mike Parrott commission this painting?

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