Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Treatise Of Antichrist: The Disputation Of Antichrist Is Propounded, And The First Argument From The Name It Self Discussed ~ By Michael Christopherson (Walpole) Priest 1613 CHAPTER 1 BOOK VI


Wherein the Disputation of Antichrist is propounded.


For the first,some of our adversaries teach, that the name of Antichrist doth properly signify the Vicar of Christ, and therefore that the Pope, who affirmeth himself to be Christs Vicar is Antichrist.

So teacheth Wolfgangus Musculus in locis cap. de potest. Ministroru, and he prove it, because that word ανtι signify vice, whence ανtιζανtηγδς signify him who obtrudeth himself for Captain,that is, who will be accompted the Captains Vicar.

The Magdeburgenses cent.I.lib.2.cap.4.colum.435. do teach, that the Pope is therefore the true Antichrist because he maketh himself the vicar of Christ.

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