Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Treatise Of Antichrist: The Disputation Of Antichrist Is Propounded, And The First Argument From The Name It Self Discussed ~ By Michael Christopherson (Walpole) Priest 1613 Chapter I. Bk.ii

First Chapter

Wherein the Disputation of Antichrist is propounded.


But he should have showed, into what  errors the Bishops of Rome are fallen,and when,and by whome they were condemned.

For we know,that in the General Lateran Council under Innocentius the third, and of Lyons under Gregory the tenth, and of Florence under Eugenius the fourth, the Greeks being convicted of error, returned to the Faith of the Latins, and afterward always returned to their vomit again, and were therefore most grievously punished by God; but we never read that the Latins came to the Faith of the Greeks.

Neither can there any Ecclesiastical judgment be produced against the Latins,as we bring many against the Greeks.

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