Wednesday, November 5, 2014

First Argument From The Name It Self Discussed ~ By Michael Christopherson (Walpole) Priest 1613 Chapter I. Bk.iii

First Chapter 

Wherein the Disputation of Antichrist is propounded.


Now Calvin Lib.4.cap.7.&23. "Let (saith he) all those things be true,which notwithstanding we have now wrested from them, that Peter was by the voice of Christ, appointed Head of the universal Church, & that he left the honor given unto him in the Roman Sea, that thus was established by the authority of the ancient Church, & confirmed by long use, that the chiefest authority was always due from all to the Bishop of Rome,and that he was the judge of all causes and men, that he was subject to the judgment of none; let them have more also if they will:Yet I answer in one word, that nothing of this standeth in force, except the Church and Bishop be at Rome.

And after &.24. Let the Romanists untie me this knot: I deny that their Pope is the Prince of Bishops, since that he is not a Bishop.

And after. Let Rome in times past have been the Mother of all Churches:but since she began to become the seat of Antichrist, she left to be that which she was.

And after &.25.We seem to some, backbiters and slanderers,when we call the Bishop of Rome Antichrist, but they which think so, understand not that they accuse Paul of immodesty, after whom we speak, yea out of whose mouth we speak so.

And least any object, that we wrongfully wrest Paul'swords against the Pope which pertain to another purpose,I will briefly show, that they cannot  be understood otherwie, then of the Popedome." So he.

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