Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Treatise Of Antichrist: The Disputation Of Antichrist Is Propounded, And The First Argument From The Name It Self Discussed ~ By Michael Christopherson (Walpole) Priest 1613 CHAPTER 1 BOOK IV

First Chapter 

Wherein the Disputation of Antichrist is propounded.


The like teach all the heretics of this time, & chiefly Luther in supput. temporum, & in & 36.and often in other places.

Likewise the Magdeburgenses Centur.i.lib.2.cap.4.colum.434. & sequent. and in all the following Centuries cap.4.7.10. Illyricus in lib. de primat.

David Chyreus in cap. 9.&13. Apoc.

Likewise Wolfgangus Musculus in loc.commun.tit. de Ecclesia.

Theodor. Beza in Com.2.Thessal.2.

Theodor.Bibliander in Chron.tabul.10.11.12.&14.

Henricus Pantaleon in Chron.Henricus Bullinger sauas Apocal.

And before all these John Wickliffe art.30. amongst those which are condemned in Council.Constanstiensi sess, 8. pronounced the Pope to be Antichrist.

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