Sunday, July 8, 2018

ROME DOOM! Matteo Salvini To Compile Names & Addresses Of ALL Roma Citizens

Hey if you pay close attention to Rad Trads during Advent you will find that one of their main considerations on their Advent reflections on the Census of Caesar - this that Caesar was ARROGANT and full of PRIDE. Rad Trads hate Roman Imperial Rule and they hate the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Roman Emperor. That's why Rad Trads have little devotion during Advent - that prideful Census of Caesar gets in the way. 

So to the Rad Trads  Caesar is prideful and arrogant for counting his subjects, but when a Nationalist Apostate Catholic does a census of Roman citizens - well that's just ok.

Remember the Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor is DIVINE

The Authority of democratically elected Salvini is MAN-MADE

Italy to compile 'register' of Roma people: Matteo Salvini

Italian authorities are to carry out a census of Roma people with a view to deporting those without papers, according to new Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. Salvini, head of the anti-immigration League party that is the junior party in Italy's governing coalition, plans to order "a survey of Roma in Italy to find out who, how, how many", he told a northern Italian TV station on Monday, saying the information would be collected in a "register". "Irregular [undocumented] foreigners will be deported via agreements with other countries, but Italian Roma unfortunately you have to keep at home," he was quoted as saying. Source

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